Advancing Global DEI at Edmund Optics

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100 employees


11 countries
7 languages


Edmund Optics established its first Global DEI Steering Committee, regional councils, and local action teams.

Edmund Optics is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of optics, imaging, and photonics technology. They have 1,200+ employees in 11 countries, and are dedicated to providing a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for all of their employees.

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Edmund Optics needed a strategy and roadmap for meaningful DEI work that would last for years to come. They were seeking guidance on expanding their steering committee, as well as further defining a global strategy that could be translated to different languages, resonate in many cultures, and meet the needs of local employees across their 17 global sites in India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, Taiwan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Finland.


As their inclusion partner, we first assessed the current state of their DEI initiatives through online surveys in seven languages (Japanese, Korean, Malay, Simplified Chinese, Tamil, English, and German) and in focus groups across their global sites. Data was gathered using a culturally relevant DEI lens and facilitated in the local language to create a psychological safe space for employees to share freely. This employee feedback helped us identify local and global strengths and priority focus areas, and establish practical ways to build an inclusive workplace culture.

We then helped establish their first Global DEI Team consisting of an expanded steering committee, regional councils, and local action teams at each site. We were their trusted advisors for localizing strategies for greatest impact, taking local DEI priorities into consideration while ensuring high impact and sustainability. We also facilitated Inclusive Leadership trainings for all managers globally, customized to their region, to help them understand the importance of leading inclusively, explore the organization’s unique diversity landscape and its implications, and take action to create an inclusive working environment.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts will make Edmund Optics a catalyst for the industry.”

Sam Sadoulet, Chief Executive Officer


Edmund Optics now has a dynamic Global DEI Team with representation across levels, genders, cultures, generations, job functions, and more. They have been able to cultivate a psychologically safe culture within the team, enabling members to share their observations and ideas for change that are locally and culturally relevant. Edmund Optics DEI team members are now equipped with a shared language for DEI, and feel enabled and supported by a ground-up, leadership-supported plan.

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“We are very proud of the work our Global DEI Team is doing across the globe, and are thankful for Aperian being such a great partner in our journey.”

Jeanne Davie, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources

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