Success Stories

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Discover how our learning experiences are enabling industry-leading organizations to grow inclusion with lasting impact.

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Growing a Culture of Inclusion

We facilitated DEI training for all Glico employees, and Inclusive Leadership workshops for their leaders to build a culture of inclusion within their global workforce.

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Advancing Global DEI

We partnered with Edmund Optics to develop and advance a comprehensive global diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy, a Global DEI Team, and inclusion action plans.

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Creating a Sense of Belonging for All

We created a custom inclusion learning journey for Coloplast leaders to help them build sustainable inclusive behaviors and foster a sense of belonging within their teams.

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Interrupting Bias among Top Leaders

We created a learning journey for Carlsberg’s top global leaders to help them challenge their unconscious biases and start building a culture of inclusion.

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Building Bridges Between Cultures

We worked with 400 Kia employees from South Korea and Mexico to establish cultural understanding, improve team trust, and develop a strategy for improved collaboration.

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Addressing Biases to Grow Inclusion

We helped GSK create a more inclusive work environment by equipping their leaders with the skills to interrupt unconscious biases and model inclusive behaviors.

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Headshot of Kia Bowden, UKG

“We use Aperian to facilitate communication and collaboration between teams, and it is amazing how well it works for people in different countries and from various cultures.”

Kia Bowden, Senior Learning Program Manager, UKG
Headshot of Mathilda Tuuli, Wendy's

“The Aperian team has been a great partner for us. They are invested in our success and are actively involved in implementing their tools. I can’t say enough good things about their resources—the team is continually evolving and updating the content to reflect relevant topics.

Mathilda Tuuli, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager, The Wendy's Company
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“Not only has the Aperian platform brought more awareness of culturally influenced workstyles to GE, but it’s also created excitement to learn about them.”

Faizal Zain, Talent Management Leader, GE Asia Pacific
Headshot of Jean Hau

“Aperian enables us to truly understand behaviors and practices in different countries. It’s a must-have resource to thrive in today’s global workplace.”

Jean Hau, Leadership Trainer and Leadership & Executive Coach
Headshot of Christian Hug, Warner Bros. Discovery

“Aperian has amplified the value of our learning and development resources to promote inclusion at Discovery. Over the last 8 years, Aperian has become a strategic part of our learning initiatives and has played a pivotal role in helping our teams be more effective working across cultures.”

Christian Hug, Group VP Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Warner Bros. Discovery