Why Aperian

Ignite the change that grows inclusion.

When individuals show up with empathy and an open mind, they go bigger, further, and higher together. They become enablers of real, sustainable inclusion within their teams and organization—and far beyond the workplace.

That’s The Aperian Effect.

Our inclusion learning experiences are backed by more than 30 years of deep experience and research, and approved by local experts.

We keep diverse cognitive and cultural learning styles front of mind, along with the latest adult learning theory best practices. Plus, our learning experiences are scalable, which means you can choose the pace and focus that meet your learners’ needs to ensure real progress.

When individuals are equipped with tools to grow inclusion, their impact multiplies, benefitting your workforce, teams, organization, and beyond.

Learning is a journey, not an event.

We start where your learners are, but don’t leave them there. Aperian live and self-paced learning experiences initiate actionable growth journeys that solidify concepts over time. The goal? Real-life behavior change that creates inclusion.

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Global inclusion is not possible without cultural perspective.

Our team of experts around the world tailor learning experiences to resonate within specific cultures, while remaining true to globally consistent concepts. We partner with organizations in 60 countries and deliver learning experiences in 32 languages to help global teams work better together.

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Headshot of Mathilda Tuuli, Wendy's

“Before Aperian, Wendy’s took more of a U.S.-centric approach to our DEI work. The Aperian platform was, and continues to be, an invaluable addition to our DEI journey given it reflects the diversity of the world and markets we do business in.”

Mathilda Tuuli, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager, The Wendy's Company

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