About Us

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At Aperian, we bridge boundaries through a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

Our Values

Shapes representing Aperian's value Embrace Our Differences

We embrace our differences.

We purposefully embrace the power of our culturally diverse global teams, respecting and encouraging unique ways of learning, thinking, and working.

Shapes representing Aperian's value Stay Curious Keep Learning

We stay curious and keep learning.

We approach our work and the world with curiosity. We welcome new ideas and ways of thinking with an open and abundant mindset, and treat unexpected outcomes as opportunities to learn more.

Shapes representing Aperian's value Trust Each Other

We trust each other.

We trust and support each other, engaging with empathy and kindness even—and especially—when the way forward is unclear or ambiguities arise.

Shapes representing Aperian's value Diverge Converge Commit

We diverge, converge, and commit.

The work we do requires us to lean into discomfort. We push ourselves to consider multiple perspectives, come together to align on the best path forward, then commit and execute with confidence.

Shapes representing Aperian's value Take Ownership

We take ownership.

We work together to do our best work and hold ourselves accountable for the results and impact we deliver. Our commitment to continual growth helps our clients realize the full potential of their people and organizations.

Shapes representing Aperian's value Inspire Others

We inspire change.

We are committed to creating a future where workplaces and the world are genuinely inclusive and fulfilling. We are inspired by our shared belief that lasting, systemic change starts with empowering individuals, who become catalysts for even more growth.

Our Leadership

We are an international team of bridge builders dedicated to living our values within and beyond the workplace.

Our Founders

When Ted and Ernie first met, they bonded over their shared experiences navigating between the cultures of the U.S. and Japan. The intercultural field was relatively new then, and they wanted to focus on helping people understand and interact more effectively with people from different backgrounds. In 1990 their work began with the creation of cultural awareness training videos, and 30 years later their efforts have grown into a company with employees around the world dedicated to growing inclusion on a global scale.

DEI at Aperian

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is part of our DNA as an organization. We take a global, intersectional approach to DEI, and believe each person has something unique and valuable to offer to the world. By uniting in our similarities, leveraging our differences, and addressing barriers to inclusion, we can create a future where everyone feels a sense of belonging within the workplace and beyond.

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Our Global Team of Changemakers

Aperian has grown from a small team of two to nearly 200 staff members and experts that span 39 countries, speak 32 languages, and represent a multitude of identities and backgrounds. We are united by our shared commitment to increasing awareness and inspiring action for inclusion.


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