Help expats thrive while on assignment

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Research reveals that 1 in 4 expatriates leave for a new job within a year of arriving home.

Transform global mobility into meaningful international experiences that accelerate innovation, connect people, and fuel growth.

Taking care of employees through the whole international assignee life cycle will help you defy these odds, retain your top talent, and maximize your organization’s investment in global mobility.

We’re uniquely prepared to help.

Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. They are highly customized to meet the specific needs of each expatriate and their families, and are packaged with important, locally relevant DEI expertise. Our facilitators and program management team span the globe, and are ready to support from start to finish.

This means not only assignment preparation and on-assignment coaching–we also help with the selection and repatriation phases. We can support any number of employees, as well as their families and partners, and we bill only for the hours they use.

With our Flex Model, assignees get to choose when and how they want their training:

Virtual or in-person?

Two hours or eight?

All at once or over a couple days?

Learning Module: Preparing for your Global Adventure

Alongside training, our self-paced learning module is the employee’s official guide to a successful international assignment. It includes tips and strategies for preparing yourself and your family, information on how to be truly effective in your new role, and what to expect during each stage of the cultural adaptation process.

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Award-Winning Support

Over the years we have been recognized in the global mobility industry for our world-class service, global reach, and cutting-edge technology.


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“When I relocated for the fifth time internationally with my husband, Aperian was one of the most critical elements of our move. They helped us anticipate the differences we would see and the challenges we hadn’t thought of, and patiently explained the context of experiences as we went through them.”

Alison Cowan, Leadership & Talent Executive