Creating a Sense of Belonging for All at Coloplast

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Coloplast leaders now see inclusion as an integral part of being a diverse company.

Coloplast is a global medical equipment company with 15,000 employees. They wanted to set a high standard for their Inclusion and Diversity efforts globally to help every member of their workforce feel a sense of belonging.

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Coloplast needed support in building a culture of inclusion in their global workplace. They wanted to improve their global recruitment and succession planning to increase the age, gender, and national diversity within their teams and leadership. They also wanted to support their leaders in developing sustainable inclusive behaviors.


We partnered with Coloplast to create a custom inclusion learning journey that blends live training programs, self-paced e-learning, the GlobeSmart® Profile, and the Inclusive Behaviors InventorySM (IBI). Vice presidents and senior leaders engaged in inclusive leadership and unconscious bias trainings, where they analyzed their IBI results together and created personal action plans to grow inclusion personally and within their teams. They also utilized the Inclusion Journal, a 28-day personal reflection guide, to continue their learning.


Coloplast has noticed new energy and interest in Inclusion and Diversity among their staff, and has seen leaders take action based on their IBI results. Staff members have started Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in different countries, and Coloplast is now rolling out inclusion training programs to directors and managers to start them off on their own inclusion learning journey.

“We are so glad to have Aperian as our inclusion partner. Working with them is more than just receiving content and training—they are a team of dedicated and engaged professionals who have our mission and people front-of-mind as they design and execute impactful solutions that help us reach our DEI goals.”

Louise Mortensen, Senior People Growth Manager

Everyone deserves to feel a sense of belonging at work.

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