Rachel Korah (she/her)

Rachel Korah holds the dual roles of DEI Community Manager and Talent Manager at Aperian, a journey that spans over a decade. Throughout her tenure, Rachel has been instrumental in managing all aspects related to associates, demonstrating a keen understanding of the nuances of this role. Her unique ability to connect with individuals from globally diverse backgrounds has been the cornerstone of her success. Rachel excels in fostering cross-cultural understanding, adeptly bridging gaps in global mindset, mobility, leadership development, teams, and diversity and inclusion. She brings a global perspective to her work, leveraging her background and experiences to promote effective global collaboration.

She is currently based out of Bangalore, originally from Kerala and has spent two decades living in the Middle East, Dubai and has successfully navigated third culture dynamics with each move.
Rachel’s academic journey culminated in the completion of degrees in Journalism, Psychology, and Literature, followed by a master’s degree in Mass Communication. Throughout her academic years, Rachel actively engaged in diverse cultural, social, and environmental activities, showcasing her commitment to holistic development. Additionally, Rachel is a certified yoga teacher, promoting wellness and balance in both her personal and professional life.

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DEI Community & Talent Manager


Bangalore, India