Ahmed Hussein

Ahmed Hussein is a Senior Consultant at Aperian with close to two decades of experience in the field of cultural proficiency, diversity, and inclusion, global leadership. Mr. Hussein’s professional and academic expertise lies in diversity management and a global mindset. His primary focus has been building skills for inclusive teams and developing content for cross-cultural communication and global leadership. Mr. Hussein’s work has positively influenced expats from different cultures, management positions, and various industries.

Prior to collaborating with Aperian, Mr. Hussein has consulting and teaching experience in various industries covering topics such as culture, identity, and communication in intercultural studies. He has worked in a major public petroleum and natural gas company in Saudi Arabia where he was responsible for training strategies for multinational teams on how to communicate, lead and succeed. Since moving to Germany, has been actively involved in the business process and contracting with key clients from different countries in the Middle East. Mr. Hussein is currently a Lecturer at the SRH Mobile University in Riedlingen, where he teaches a course on Intercultural Communication and Global Mindset.

Mr. Hussein currently resides in Germany with his multicultural and multilingual family. He is a native Arab speaker and is fluent in English and German. Mr. Hussein is actively engaged in the cultural integration of refugees from Syria and other Arabic-speaking countries and helps different NGOs and volunteer organizations in Germany.

Mr. Hussein holds an MSc in Psychology from FernUniversität in Hagen and an MA in Cultural/Archaeological Resources Protection from Minia University.

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Eitorf, Germany