Anthony Greco (he/him/his)

Anthony Greco serves as the Managing Director of Learning Solutions and has been with Aperian since 2007. During his tenure, he has played a part in contributing to Aperian’s entire portfolio of services and products. He partners with clients around the world to help their employees develop skills in the areas of inclusion & diversity, cultural competence, leadership, and teamwork. As the leader of the services line of business, Anthony is also a member of Aperian’s Management Team, helping to set and execute the organization’s overall strategy.

Anthony grew up in an extremely diverse town in New Jersey where he was exposed to the impact of cultural differences at a young age. Intrigued by these differences, he went on to pursue his degree at Boston University, majoring in East Asian Studies and double-minoring in Business Administration & Management and Japanese Language & Literature. When he found Aperian he knew he was home, and that he had found an organization with a mission that aligned to his own passions.

Anthony currently resides in Orlando, Florida with his partner and dog (who can usually be found laying at his feet, and who he fondly refers to as his office helper).

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Managing Director, Learning Solutions


Orlando, Florida, USA
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