Freeda Fernandes (she/her/hers)

Freeda Fernandes is Managing Director of APAC Sales at Aperian and has been with the company since 2012. She has played several roles, initially partnering with clients in promoting GlobeSmart, fielding tech support, selling regionally since 2014, and currently supporting overall and APAC strategic direction and growth as a management team member since 2021. She consults with organizations across APAC on diversity and inclusion, culture, and global leadership development.

Though currently based in Singapore, Freeda spent most of her life in Bangalore, India, and has a Bachelor’s of Industrial Engineering and a Diploma in Business Management. She has a keen interest in technology, psychology, and sociology.

Freeda enjoys practicing mindfulness and seeing life through the eyes of her young daughter.

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Headshot of Freeda Fernandes Aperian employee, Freeda Fernandes at a festival with her family


Managing Director, APAC Sales