Liliana Cantú

Liliana Cantú is an experienced consultant in the intercultural field since 1998. She has delivered and coordinated cross-cultural, intercultural and diversity training seminars for national and international audiences, in companies such as ADM, Delphi, Intel, Sachs Automotive, Starwood, and Whirlpool. She has professional experience in the fields of human resources, public relations, relocation services as well as personal intercultural experience in several countries including Canada, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, the United States, and Venezuela.

In addition to founding her own relocation and cross-cultural training firm, Ms. Cantú has participated as a speaker and planning committee member at ISSCR International Symposia. She has also been an instructor for companies such as Tucker International, Prudential Intercultural, Language and Culture, Trans-cultural, Cultural Awareness International and Simmons Associates. She has the ITAP international certification to use the Culture in the Workplace instrument. Ms. Cantú is the founding president and current treasurer for SIETAR Mexico.

Ms. Cantú teaches as a part time university professor at one of the most prestigious institutions in Latin America: the ITESM (commonly known as Monterrey Tech). Ms. Cantú is currently based in Monterrey, Mexico. She speaks both Spanish and English.

Ms. Cantú has an MA in Communication with an emphasis on Intercultural Communication and a B.Sc. in Marketing. She also holds the Intercultural Foundation’s Certificate awarded by the Intercultural Communication Institute.

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Monterrey, Mexico