Mark Frederick (he/him/his)

Dr. Mark Frederick has over 20 years of professional Coaching and Consulting experience, partnering with multinational companies to develop global talent for high performance in complex environments. This work has involved a highly diverse range of leaders from over 60 countries across four continents. Dr. Frederick has considerable depth in working with Asian cultural contexts, having spent several years on an organizational change project based in Singapore with a newly formed multicultural executive team.

The industries in which Dr. Frederick has worked include technology, pharmaceuticals, automotive, consumer goods, aerospace, medical devices, energy and financial services. He has particularly strong experience in the technology and pharmaceutical sectors where he is actively helping companies globalize their operations and integrate new acquisitions.

Dr. Frederick is based in Los Angeles, California. He has grown up biculturally German and U.S. American between the two countries. He is fluent in German, proficient in French, Spanish and Dutch, and has studied Danish and Japanese.

His doctoral degree is in comparative literature with an emphasis on psychology and cultural studies. Dr. Frederick is licensed to coach with a variety of assessment instruments useful for identifying and developing global leadership competencies.

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Senior Consultant


Los Angeles, California, USA