Michelle Zhang (she/her/hers)

Michelle Zhang is a Senior Consultant at Aperian. As a Diversity and Inclusion facilitator and leadership coach she has collaborated with a diverse array of global organizations. Her expertise lies in helping her participants navigate and leverage complex, global human systems.  Her interventions not only fostered individual leadership development but also mitigated employee turnover and bolstered team cohesion.

Ms. Zhang has a rich history of business experience abroad, collaborating with a spectrum of global and local organizations. Her work with a global organization involved the design and implementation of a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion program, incorporating elements of facilitation, coaching, and real-life role plays. These experiences have honed her ability to navigate cultural nuances and drive meaningful change across diverse organizational landscapes.

Ms. Zhang is currently based in Shenzhen and is fluent in Chinese, English, and Cantonese.

Ms. Zhang holds a PhD in Anesthesiology from the Technology University of Wuhan and an MBA from Beijing Jiao Tong University. She is an IAF certified facilitator and a Certified Practitioner Coach of Leadership Circle Profile (LCP). Beyond her professional pursuits, Ms. Zhang is an avid sports enthusiast, having completed four marathons, and finds solace in knitting as a creative outlet.

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