Nidal Seide

Nidal Seide is a Senior Consultant at Aperian Global. She facilitates workshops on intercultural communication and conducts individual coaching as well. She has 30 years of experience giving lectures on topics such as identity building, cultural communication, and assimilation. She supports Aperian Global’s efforts to integrate Syrian refugees into the Danish labor market, together with the Municipality of Kolding. Ms. Seide’s core strength has been in motivating and shaping the personalities of Arab speaking refugees coming to Denmark. She focuses on counseling and coaching these adult individuals of all educational backgrounds with effective communication and cross-cultural skill-building.

Prior to working with Aperian Global, Ms. Seide was a board member of the Council of Integration (Brønderslev) and the Council of Ethnic Minorities. Her passion lies in mediating Danish culture to individuals with a Middle Eastern background to open doors to a common language and dialog between locals and migrants.

Ms. Seide’s mother tongue is Arabic and in addition to the main Arabic dialects, she speaks and writes fluently in Danish and English. She currently resides in Brønderslev, Northern Denmark.

Majoring in Danish, Ms. Seide graduated as an elementary school teacher in 2004 and worked as such for 10 years, supplementing as a consultant on cultural and language matters. In 2016, she earned her MA in Cultural Communication, specializing in tacit cultural knowledge. Her thesis investigated educational systems, organization of knowledge, and cross-cultural communication.


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Senior Consultant


Brønderslev, Denmark