Sapna Rao (she/her/hers)

Sapna Rao has been a member of the Aperian team since 2005. During this time Ms. Rao has held a number of positions including Program Manager, Human Resources Executive, and Director of Operations. Her last endeavor was as Program and Content Design for Aperian’s Core offerings. She was also part of the Advisory Leadership Team. As a facilitator, she has trained a multitude of clients including Novartis, Novo Nordisk, John Deere, Qualcomm, HP, Airbus, etc. Ms. Rao was instrumental in running the pilot programs for Fidelity, Northern Trust, and the United Health Group in India.

Over the course of 15 years as a facilitator, Ms. Rao has conducted work in areas of Global Mindset, Teams, Management, and Leadership. As a Senior Consultant for India, she facilitates a number of virtual team sessions. Before finding her forte in corporate training she worked as a technical writer with Wipro and as a counselor for fresh engineers entering the IT industry.

Ms. Rao lives in Bangalore with her two daughters. Her interests include travel, snorkeling, and interior design. In her spare time, she is an advocate for environmental consciousness and owns a line of all-natural skincare products.

Ms. Rao has an MBA in Marketing, having specialized in Responsible Children’s Advertising. Her academic interest lies in Organizational Behavior and the need for a more structured learning process directed towards the global executive.

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Senior Consultant


Bangalore, India
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