Sylvie Tournier (she/her/hers)

Sylvie Tournier is a Senior Consultant with Aperian who trains, coaches, and consults with individuals, organizations, and companies seeking to increase their cross-cultural communication and management skills. Ms. Tournier specializes in understanding Chinese work environments and also offers deep insights into Anglo-Saxon work and social environments. She has over two decades of business and personal experience with. She has managed and co-facilitated multicultural team building activities for geographically dispersed teams.

After over a decade of experience in marketing communication associated with the telecommunications industry located primarily in France, Ms. Tournier moved to China in 2005. There she managed a multicultural team and promoted events with press conferences held in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and Jakarta.

Born in France, Ms. Tournier speaks four languages fluently, namely French, English, Mandarin Chinese and German. She currently resides in Paris, France.

Ms. Tournier earned an MBA from the University of Connecticut, USA and a Business Graduate degree from ESLSCA, Paris. She continued her business and language studies in Mannheim, Germany. In addition, Ms. Tournier earned a diploma from the Coaches Training Institute recognized by the International Coach Federation and is actively engaged in business coaching and is also DiSC certified.

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Senior Consultant


Paris, France