Anja Stentoft (she/her/hers)

Anja Stentoft Jacobsen is a Senior Consultant and Product Manager for the Virtual Collaboration and Team Offerings at Aperian. She has worked with many of Aperian’s clients in Asia, Europe, and North America in defining their globalization efforts primarily focused on their work with expatriating senior managers and globally dispersed teams. She has served as a key resource for clients in different industries including Caterpillar, Carlsberg, Coloplast, EMC Corporation, LEGO, Michelin, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Philips, and others.

Prior to joining Aperian, Ms. Jacobsen worked with international organizations based in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and the UK that were primarily focused on streamlining cross-functional, global processes and structures as well as internal competency development training for both managers and employees. She has also traveled and worked extensively in Belgium, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Thailand, Turkey, and the UK.

With almost 10 years of global and virtual management expertise and an in-depth understanding of the cross-cultural business, Ms. Jacobsen focuses on building bridges amidst the barrier of cultural differences to successfully conduct business across borders. She is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ms. Jacobsen holds an MA in Cross-Cultural Competency Development from Aalborg University in Denmark, combined with field studies in the UK and China. She is currently completing a partial MBA to further understand the key challenges of our clients in the global business world.

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Product Manager & Senior Consultant


Copenhagen, Denmark