Enidio Magel (he/him/his)

Enidio Magel joined Aperian in 2004, bringing with him almost two decades of experience in the fields of diversity and cross-cultural business. As an executive coach, intercultural specialist, and global facilitator, Mr. Magel delivers a wide range of services, focusing on diversity and inclusion, intercultural effectiveness, development of global and virtual teams, expatriation and repatriation, and people development. He has worked in countries such as Argentina, Bangkok, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. The clients he has served range from financial institutions to oil and gas companies.

Prior to his affiliation with Aperian, Mr. Magel worked for a major airline in various senior management positions. He was part of the executive team that founded People Express Airlines, an organization that revolutionized the airline industry and was a model for excellence in people management. Mr. Magel was also a tourism manager for the Texas Department of Economic Development in Latin America.

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Mr. Magel is a certified medical interpreter. He currently resides with his family in Austin, Texas.

Mr. Magel holds a cross-cultural psychology degree from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA in spiritual psychology. He is a published writer and a visiting faculty member of the Omega Institute. Some of his writing contributions include Managing Differences at Work and Strength in Diversity: How Well Managed Cultural Training Programs Can Turn Conflict into Profits.


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Austin, Texas, USA