Morten Skov-Carlsen (he/him/his)

Morten Skov-Carlsen has almost two decades of experience as a consultant, facilitator, and executive coach in the intercultural and global leadership fields. Additionally, he is experienced in the design and delivery of leadership pipeline assessments and development centers.

Prior to joining Aperian, Mr. Skov-Carlsen was a long-time internal consultant with IBM, a Fortune 100 company, and worked closely with Kantar Media, a division of Kantar/WPP.

Mr. Skov-Carlsen currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, with his family, and delivers training and consulting services in both Danish and English.

He holds an MBA, an MA in literature, and a BA in Spanish. Additionally, Mr. Skov-Carlsen is certified in HOGAN HPI and HDS Personality Surveys, SHL OPQ, the MBTI, and a suite of Hay Group (Boston) survey instruments. Outside of his time with Aperian, Mr. Skov-Carlsen is an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School in the Department of Strategic Management and Globalization. He is also an active volunteer with Foreningen Nydansker, mentoring residency applicants on Danish society and work culture.


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Senior Consultant


Copenhagen, Denmark