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A data-driven learning platform where inclusion grows.

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Aperian is home to scalable, interactive solutions that create awareness and inspire action.

We support organizations global in reach, mindset, or ambition with meaningful and memorable learning experiences that advance inclusion in the modern workforce.

As inclusion grows, you’ll be able to measure outcomes and track progress as you reach your DEI goals now and in the future.

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GlobeSmart Profile

Learning in Aperian starts with discovering more about yourself, with personalized tips for collaborating with others.

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GlobeSmart Guides

Explore extensive information about 100+ cultures around the world, including the locally relevant DEI factors, how to build relationships, and more.

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Inclusive Behaviors Inventory

Identify personal and organizational inclusion gaps and receive next steps to evolve behaviors.

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Learning Modules

Our self-paced, interactive learning experiences help solidify key concepts and provide advice for reference at any time.

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Live Training

Employees connect with concepts and each other through globally consistent yet locally relevant training experiences.

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Inclusion means everyone, and becoming certified empowers change that grows and grows.

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that lasts

Research shows that we learn best with reinforcement, so Aperian provides holistic experiences that help solidify concepts over time. They are actionable, relevant, and enable real behavior change in all areas of work and life.

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When people start to show up with empathy and insight, teams can bridge differences and create inclusive environments that advance innovation, fuel growth, and inspire change far beyond the workplace.

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“With ~67,000 employees across 26 countries, Aperian is an essential platform for us. Their experts and advisors help us continue to be intentional about our global approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Walton Price, Global Head of Workforce Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Collins Aerospace