Amanda Worsfold

Amanda Worsfold is the Chief Product Officer at Aperian Global and has been with Aperian Global since 2013. During her tenure, she managed a complete rebuild of the flagship GlobeSmart platform and GlobeSmart Profile. Under her leadership, the product team has launched Aperian Global’s first product devoted to measuring inclusivity at work, the Inclusive Behaviors Inventory (IBI).

Amanda grew up in the Seattle area and attended the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington. After college, her passion for community activism led her to Santa Cruz, California, where, through her work with CCOF, Inc., she learned how technology enables success within mission-driven organizations. This experience inspired her interest to explore what it means to be inclusive and provide purpose for her work today.

When Amanda is not finding creative solutions for how to make a more fair and inclusive world, she can be found traveling and exploring her city of San Francisco with her husband and young son.

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Headshot of Amanda Worsfold Aperian co-President Amanda Worsfold standing on stairs that lead to the water with her son at sunset


Chief Product Officer,


Oakland, California, USA