Kavitha Sathi (she/her/hers)

Kavitha Sathi, is a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach who utilizes her extensive professional and international experience to deliver Aperian’s solutions. With a proven track record, she empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to seamlessly navigate cultural differences, overcome challenges, adapt adeptly to new environments, and foster effective collaboration across borders. Ms. Sathi is passionate about business and cultures, and how they interplay with each other.

Prior to joining Aperian, Ms. Sathi has worked with some of the top companies including Bank Of America, Cartus, Citi Pricewaterhouse Coopers and General Electric. She has lived and worked in India and the US and this experience has set the foundation for her cross-cultural facilitation skills. Her expertise lies in facilitating conversations that foster awareness and bridge differences across diverse styles and beliefs.

Ms. Sathi currently lives in the greater Dallas area of Texas with her two sons and spouse.

Ms. Sathi holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce from University of Madras. She is a certified Professional coach (ICF – ACC), and qualified administrator of DISC Behavioral Assessment, Culture Mastery 4Cs, Oral Story Teller, Intercultural Development Inventory Administrator, IBI Practitioner, a certified Yoga and Wellness Instructor and a member of SIETAR USA.

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Senior Consultant


Texas, USA