Marcelo Priotti (he/him/his)

Marcelo Priotti is a Cross Cultural and I&D facilitator and coach and for over two decades has participated in a variety of projects and delivered training sessions in English, Portuguese, and Spanish for global firms located in more than 50 countries. In association with Aperian, Mr. Priotti has facilitated for Caterpillar, Dell, Eaton, EMC Corporation, E&Y, ExxonMobil, John Deere, Newmont Mining, Novartis, Oracle and Syngenta to name a few.

Mr. Priotti enjoys helping teams, groups and individuals develop the awareness and competencies needed to conduct businesses inclusively and effectively across cultures. He has also helped expatriates and their families thrive through the relocation process. Before moving into global training, Mr. Priotti assisted companies in language training and translations services. He also worked as a radio and TV broadcaster.

Mr. Priotti is a native of Rosario, Argentina. He has co-authored the multicultural projects Diversophy and Cultural Detective. Mr. Priotti was a volunteer for AFS Intercultural Programs in Minnesota and has been a founding member of AFS in Rosario, Argentina.

Mr. Priotti graduated with a degree in communication and journalism from UCU University, and he also studied administrative information systems analysis at UTN University.

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Senior Consultant


Barcelona, Spain